Frequently Asked Questions

What is bouldering?
Bouldering is a style of rock climbing that has been gaining momentum worldwide. There are no ropes or harnesses, and the only safety equipment you need are the mats lining the floor of the gym. The routes tend to be shorter than a top-rope or lead-climbing route, but can be just as challenging.
What should I bring?
Bring a friend, or come alone. Bouldering is just as fun climbing solo as in a group. You'll need climbing shoes and chalk. Rentals are available if you don't have your own gear (make sure to bring socks). Wear comfortable clothes as you would for any type of workout. Bring sneakers if you'll be doing one of our fitness classes. You can download and complete a Waiver ahead of time or fill it out when you arrive.
Is it safe?
As with any physical activity, there is some risk. However, risks will be minimized if you observe the rules. On your first visit, a staff member will teach you the proper way to descend from a climb and how to fall without injury. As always, use common sense, stay within your ability and you’ll be addicted to climbing in no time. If you wish to take a class before going solo, check out our Class Schedule.
Can I bring kids?
Bouldering at The Cave is suitable for kids age 7 and up. For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 must be actively monitored by an adult at all times. Kids should bring a pair of indoor running shoes in case we don't have climbing shoes small enough for these budding climbers. You can download and complete a Waiver ahead of time or fill it out when you arrive. Please note climbers under age 18 require a parent or guardian's signature. We also offer kids' camps!
Do you host parties?
Absolutely! We would love to host your next event. Please give us a call for more information.
What are the house rules for your routes?
All holds on one route are the same color. Tape color marks the level of difficulty, as well as the start and finish holds. Volumes and any other wall features are always in.